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61 xkr

Jaguar XK8 and 3 days

Hello everyone, today I am to detail a car to prepare it for my good friend’s wedding day. This car is a year 2000 Jaguar XK8 with metallic red paint. When the car came in, it was obvious that the paint was really letting it down, lots of defects like swirls and mainly RDS caused by cat claws.

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62 city tar

Honda City Metallic Blue

When the car came in, the owner pointed the main problem that needed to be resolved, tar. The newly tarred road splashed lots of tar, hitting mainly the front bumper and the whole of the driver’s side area, from front door to rear quarter.

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64a opt

Optimum Polish

Finally had some time to give my own car a quick detail. After receiving some new products I ordered from, I used some of them on the 350z detail, still was not familiar with it.
Today is the second time I use the products.

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