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September 2, 2007

Optimum Polish

by Kentangcf

Finally had some time to give my own car a quick detail. After receiving some new products I ordered from, I used some of them on the 350z detail, still was not familiar with it.
Today is the second time I use the products.

Image hosted by

I gave the car a good and much needed wash, which in many areas dirt has bonded, especially in the areas that has low-quality paint, not sure why dirt bonds easier to it.

First I used the white pad and Poli-Seal, it was very good on the good paint (front end), left a smooooth and clear finish. But wasn’t very good on the areas which had lots of bonded dirt (doors and boot), so I switched to Optimum Polish, worked it in with the Bosch Random Orbital Buffer and Meguiar’s polishing pads.

It cleaned very well, and only small amounts of polish was needed. After doing the whole car, I sealed it with Meguiar’s M21 Synthetic Sealant, waited 20 minutes, buffed off and then applied FK1 Pink Wax, wait 10 minutes and buffed off.

The Pink Wax was very easy to remove, some areas I applied a bit too thickly also it came off easily. No fuss.

Once completed I parked the car outside, and it looked different. I have never seen the paint reflect so crisply and clearly before. I have used the Meguiar’s polishes on my car a few times, Meguiar’s cleaner waxes many times, Autoglym’s Super Resin Polish, but have never seen it reflect so clearly.

I was skeptical at first when a detailer that I talked to for a while in Indonesia mentioned that the Optimum Polish will leave a clearer finish compared to Meguiar’s. Well this is only my own opinion as looks are absolutely subjective. In my eyes, I saw the difference.

Here is a picture of the boot, which had lousy paint and many scratches.
Image hosted by

I did not notice if Optimum Polish worked with the random orbital removed any scratches. Will test it on my black test panel when I have the time.


Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Hood and half fender …

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Fender …

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

It looks a tad better in person. I’m going to make Optimum Polish my finishing polish from now on.

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