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October 19, 2009


Proton Waja: Tuition detail and Duragloss first impressions

by Kentangcf

Proton Waja, Duraglossed.


My old secondary school friend recently purchased a second hand car and was keen to take care of it as it was well maintained by its previous owner.

So he came over and as we had breakfast, I explained to him (rather haphazardly a.k.a cincai) the basics of car care.

If you were wondering what that yellow thing is, it’s a Detailogy clay

The agenda of the day was to basically show him the steps involved in basic car care maintenance.

So I started cleaning the tires with Westley’s Bleache White and wheels with Osren Multi Clean.

We then wash the car with Osren Bubble and Wax, clayed with Detailogy clay using Meguair’s Last Touch (cut 1:1) as lube and Osren Magic Cloth(lube was car wash solution).

Then the following products were used.


NXT All Metal Polysh on the wheels and Autoglym Glass Polish for the windshield wipers.

SwirlX was used to remove gummed up residues of M105 on the paint.

It was also my first outing with Duragloss products and I have to say I did not disappoint.

The bonnet/hood was polished with Meguiar’s #105 Ultra-Cut Compound with a Meguiar’s W-8006 polishing pad at 1600rpm. Followed by Meguiar’s #205 Ultra Finishing Polish with a Lake Country black finishing pad at 600-1200-900rpm.

The rest of the car received Duragloss #501 Marine/RV Polish with a 5.25″ Lake Country white CCS DA pad via random orbital buffer(ROB).

I can now see why people keep mentioning DG501 as an AIO.


This product is easy to use, does not leave the paint looking patchy, buffs off with ease and cleans superbly!

I just advanced another level in my quest to find a replacement for the reputable Autoglym Super Resin Polish.

We buffed off DG501 and applied Duragloss #601 Polish Bonding Agent by hand via foam applicator pad. It might be easier to apply this product with a microfiber pad as it tends to get grabby after spreading it further across the panel with a foam applicator. Nonetheless, it was still manageable and dried quickly.

This allowed us to immediately apply the next product, Duragloss #105 Total Performance Polish. Applied with foam applicator pad, spreads easily.

While we waited for it to dry and cure, we had lunch and returned to buff it off an hour later. We followed this with Duragloss #951 Aquawax for that extra slickness.

Wheels polished with NXT All Metal Polysh and tires dressed with Osren Tire Shine.

Here are the afters.








Owner checking out his shiny wheels.


I then gave him some Osren shampoo, multi cleaner, tire shine, bottle with chemical resistant sprayhead, sponge applicator pads and a noodle microfiber wash mitt for him to maintain his ride with. He already has some Magic One products, so its better to use up what he has.





Thanks for looking! 🙂

The Duragloss products were easy to use, left a uniform shine and very price competitive. It doesn’t have any fancy packaging with extraordinary product description on the back of the bottle, it just works!
This is just my initial impression, yet to comment on other factors such as durability and/or protection.

updated this post and an Optimum No Rinse review on the previous post at the same time, here’s the link to it.

My finals will be in 2 weeks ending in mid november, so it will be another hiatus till then.


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  1. Oct 20 2009

    Finally the sifu awakens

    MA MA MIA – ala Mak

    what a good elaborated explanations
    Keep posting ya

  2. Shin
    Oct 20 2009

    haha thankk you have teach me alot to maintain…hehehe =)btw realli nice picture !! hahaha

  3. Kc,
    Thank you sir! MA MA MIA – ala Mak! haha funny comment.

    Not enough, where's my medium-well rib-eye steak with caesar's salad and 3/4 chicken on the side?
    haha jkjk, yumcha call me k.


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