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November 20, 2009

Initial Impressions: Carmate Black Resin Restore

by Kentangcf

The product responsible for making me discover the world of Japanese detailing products, and how advanced they are.



Found an interesting product while browsing in Eneos recently.


Inside the box is a small vial of clear liquid meant to restore trim. Being different from regular oil-based dressings, could this be a better long term alternative?

Only time will tell, read about my initial impressions after the jump.

The wiper cowl was cleaned with Osren Multi Clean during the wash stage of this detail. Before application I wiped it down again with Isopropyl Alcohol (cut 1:1).

Products used during this test will be:

1. Jeff’s Werkstatt Prime Acrylic
2. Carmate Black Resin Restore
3. Autoglym Bumper Care

The reason for JW Prime is because it can be used on matt surfaces such as unpainted B-Pillars, an oil based dressing will just smear across those surfaces. It will also clean the surface off of any contaminants. So it’s a worthy product for plastic trims.

Autoglym Bumper Care is chosen because it has a good balance between good looks and durability, it may not be as durable as Mother’s Back to Black, but it provides a darker finish. In my opinion, it is also more durable then Meguiar’s Trim Detailer.

So we have a representative from the acrylic category and the oil-based dressing category. Where does Carmate Black Resin Restore fits in, I really do not know. Could it be using a similar chemistry to Dodo Juice Supernatural Gloss Trim Sealant as shown here and reviewed here?

Anyway on to the pics.




Inside the box is a small vial and two rectangular foam applicators.


Are these Japanese Kanji or Mandarin characters?


Clear liquid,


Each section is taped off and product applied with ‘ye old sponge.


Seems that Osren Multi Clean and the IPA wipedown did not clean the trim well enough,


JW Prime cleaned the most, followed by AG Bumper Care, and lastly Carmate Black Resin, which did not clean at all.

I left it for an hour to dry,


And then buffed off with different clean sections of a microfibre cloth.


One thing I felt was that the Carmate black resin part was more grabby during buffing, as in, it fellt a little bit sticky. Whereas JW Prime and AG Bumper Care buffed off without resistance or friction.

Left to cure overnight,


So my initial impressions of Carmate Black Resin Restore is that it definitely looks good, it gave a uniform finish, without any streaks or patches. It also looks just a little bit darker than Autoglym Bumper Care. If this could last a few rainstorms and multiple car washes, it’s surely something worth looking at. Will keep you guys posted on this product.

Thanks for looking as always! ^^V

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