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April 12, 2011


New product from Japan!

by Kentangcf

Liquid Gloss Nano-Ceramic Spray Sealant


Quote from their website:

Liquid Gloss Nano-Ceramic Spray Sealant

Extremely Hard & Tough Coating with Pencil Hardness of 6H
– Tested according to Japanese Industrial Standards. 6H Hardness will prevent daily inflicted scratches from ruining the paint. Keeping it looking new for up to 20 years!*One coat will last up to 5 years. One bottle is enough for 4 coats.*

Nano- Ceramic Particles Withstand Devastating Effects of Hot and Humid Climate
– Where most waxes and sealants fail in hot and humid climates. The nano-ceramic particles in this sealant is unaffected by temperature and humidity. Tough protection will always remain tough.

Featuring Liquid Gloss “Photo Catalyst Shine Lock” Technology
– Light is a friend to Liquid Gloss. Their award-winning PCSL(Photo Catalyst Shine Lock) Technology has also been incorporated into this spray sealant. The paint will shine brighter and protect even harder when exposed to light. The greater the light source, the stronger the shine and protection. Cars that are parked under the sun have an impenetrable coat of armour. Based on internal tests, gloss reading will increase by 375% when parked under sunlight, pencil hardness will also increase from 6H up to 8.5H (maximum is 10H).

Easiest Application Process In The Industry
– Spray and wipe. It is that simple, with no hazing or hard buffing needed. Spraying on too much or too little is not an issue as the self-leveling nano-ceramic particles evenly distributes themselves on the paints microscopic peaks and valleys for a true mirror finish. Coat a car in under 10 minutes!

Available now on .

One bottle contains 200ml of Nano-Ceramic Spray Sealant, enough to coat up to 4 mid-sized sedan cars.

Introductory price is RM 858.00, inclusive of free authentic Liquid Gloss Nano-Fibre Cloth and Liquid Gloss Maintenance Shampoo with PCSL Technology.









Okay… I apologize for my madness… I just can’t sleep. It’s fake, did it look believable?

Here’ the original photo,


Doesn’t look so Nano-Ceramic with PCSL Technology now does it, *haha*.

I’m going to be a zombie at work tomorrow… 0___0

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  1. yasir
    Apr 12 2011

    This stuff for real? Naaaahhhh!

    • Apr 12 2011

      Almost got you didn’t I…haha. Some manufacturer should make this product. “Photo Catalyst Shine Lock”….fulamak… hahaha

  2. Veloc
    May 16 2011

    HAHAHAHA! Nice one! Almost got me… One coat last up to 5 years? Hardness adjust according to light XD.


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