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April 6, 2013


Initial Impressions & Comparison: Osren Synergized Wax

by Kenneth Tang

Osren’s first wax that utilizes natural waxes. Being a local product, I approached it with skepticism but in the end was pleasantly surprised and impressed.

In the new era of paint coatings, waxes sound old and traditional. In actual fact, they are still very much relevant in today’s auto detailing industry. This could be due to the fact that coating systems are still imperfect and also subject to degradation although *lab tests* show that they have ‘miraculous’ protective properties.

Synergized is Osren’s first wax that contains natural oils and waxes, I don’t what they are though. Probably beeswax, candelelia, etc.? One interesting fact, it does not contain carnauba, which is why I was highly skeptical of it. The big wax players such as zymol and swissvax all tout the amount of carnauba that is present in their waxes. The higher the carnauba content, the more expensive it gets.

So let’s get on to the pictures of the wax.

 photo IMG_2856RS.jpg

 photo IMG_2857RS.jpg

 photo IMG_2858RS.jpg

I really like their label design, the tin itself on the other hand, is quite old school. Overall does not look outdated thanks to the label.

 photo IMG_2861RS.jpg

 photo IMG_2863RS.jpg

 photo IMG_2862RS.jpg

The paste is very soft and gets on to the foam applicator with a light twist.
Soft paste waxes are easy to apply and spread but have their drawbacks.

When applied evenly as shown in the photo below, it will buff off easily.

 photo IMG_2865RS.jpg

However, if not spread out evenly enough, you will end up with ‘white’ areas where the wax has a thicker build up, which makes buffing a bit difficult later on.

 photo IMG_2868RS.jpg

 photo IMG_2869RS.jpg

 photo IMG_2871RS.jpg

Due to the softness of the wax, it can also be easy for the wax to get in between panel gaps. This is especially so when the the foam applicator is freshly loaded with wax.

 photo IMG_2872RS.jpg

 photo IMG_2874RS.jpg

 photo IMG_2875RS.jpg

I polished the car with M205 and then applied Synergized. In the sun shots below, you will see what looks like holograms. They are in fact oils left by the wax, this is common for most natural waxes and has to be removed with a detailer spray.

 photo IMG_2878RS.jpg

 photo IMG_2882RS.jpg

 photo IMG_2884RS.jpg

 photo IMG_2888RS.jpg

 photo IMG_2887RS.jpg

 photo IMG_2895RS.jpg

 photo IMG_2883RS.jpg

 photo IMG_2893RS.jpg

 photo IMG_2900RS.jpg

So what do I think about the wax?

It does not buff off as easy as a sealant, but is relatively easier than a lot of paste waxes in the market. Ease of use is great for a paste wax.

The gloss and ‘wetness’ it adds to the paint is noticeable and buffs off 90% evenly. There are still some patchiness but it is hardly visible.

Downside is, it does little to no filling of light scratches. Unlike Meguiar’s NXT 2.0, which is a heavy filling ‘wax’ (technically a sealant). However, I can rarely buff off NXT 2.0 evenly, it will always leave some patchiness on the paint.

At RM85 per tin, it is Osren’s most expensive wax but it also one of the cheapest branded wax in the market.

Now I purposely left out durability because they are waxes, they are not meant to last and I use them as ‘icing on the cake’. This means I do not use them as a stand alone LSP but would normally seal the paint first and only apply these waxes to give it that oily wet look.

 photo infograph.jpg

I give it an 8/10.

Not convinced? Think I might be a little biased? Let’s do a wax comparison (excluding durability and protection).

 photo IMG_2903RS.jpg

The 6 contenders. From left to right:
1) Sonax Nanopro Wax
2) Autoglym HD Wax
3) Osren Synergized
4) Dodo Juice Supernatural Wax
5) Sonax Premium Class Carnauba
6) Meguiar’s NXT Tech Wax 2.0

Keep in mind that:
** Autoglym HD, Dodo Juice Supernatural and Sonax Premium Class costs over RM400 in our local market.**

So my method is to scuff the paint up with a 3000 grit foam sanding disc. Apply each of the waxes with different foam applicators and buffed off using different MF cloths.

 photo IMG_2905RS.jpg

 photo IMG_2906RS.jpg

 photo IMG_2907RS.jpg

 photo IMG_2910RS.jpg

 photo IMG_2913RS.jpg
Nicely scuffed.

 photo IMG_2914RS.jpg

 photo IMG_2917RS.jpg

 photo IMG_2918RS.jpg
Buffed off. See the difference?

When taken with flash, all waxes didn’t seem to fill in the scratches. 3000 grit might be too deep.

 photo IMG_2931RS.jpg

They all exhibit nice round beading, which will flatten very quickly after a few washes or rain.

 photo IMG_2940RS.jpg

Now let’s look at them under natural lighting.

 photo IMG_2944RS.jpg

 photo IMG_2947RS.jpg

 photo IMG_2948RS.jpg

On first glance, Autoglym HD and Osren Synergized seemed to darken the paint the most. Followed by Dodo Juice Supernatural and Meguiar’s NXT 2.0 while both Sonax waxes did little to darken the paint.

Let’s take a closer look.

 photo IMG_2950RS.jpg
NXT 2.0 beats Sonax Nanopro

 photo IMG_2951RS.jpg

NXT 2.0 fills more than Synergized. Hence creating a ‘blacker’ look.

 photo IMG_2952RS.jpg
Sonax Premium Class totally loses to Autoglym HD.

 photo IMG_2953RS.jpg

Autoglym HD and Supernatural looks very similar. Although in person, Autoglym HD has the little edge over Supernatural.

At this point, I realized that colour enhancement can be achieved in two ways;
(1) Filling ability – The more swirls and scratches the wax can fill, the better the colour.
(2) Darkening ability – Black paint looks more black, red paint will look more red, due to the saturation by the oils. Although no swirls may be filled, the colour will still be enhanced.

 photo IMG_2954RS.jpg

 photo IMG_2955RS.jpg

Look at the two photos above closely. NXT fills more and creates a blacker look. However, when we viewed the panel from far away, Synergized darkened the paint more. From this, I hypothesized that filling and ‘darkening/saturating’ are two different attributes of a wax which affects the final look of the paint.

 photo IMG_2956RS.jpg

 photo IMG_2957RS.jpg

 photo IMG_2958RS.jpg

 photo IMG_2959RS.jpg

Supernatural and HD comes close. Again when viewed from above, HD darkens/saturates the paint more at the same time providing decent filling ability.

 photo IMG_2947RS.jpg

 photo IMG_2948RS.jpg

Conclusive thoughts:

It’s sad that the local distributor marks up the price of Autoglym HD wax so much. In the U.S, Walmart have done clearance on HD waxes at USD 20 (MYR 60) before. HD Wax normally retails at USD 40 (MYR 120). That is about the same price as Meguair’s NXT 2.0 here. After this test, I’m starting to feel that all high-end, boutique waxes with high prices are unjustifiable, when cheaper waxes like Synergized and NXT 2.0 achieves excellent results.

Speaking of which, what’s the big deal with carnauba? Synergized and NXT 2.0 both do not contain carnauba and yet improves the look of the paint dramatically.

Sonax Premium Class which is said to contain “100% carnauba” performs much worse than it’s cheaper counterparts.

Is Carnauba a marketing hype from years ago and is still trending today?

Did good old Turtle Wax Hard Shell Finish market their waxes with Carnauba? Maybe the first company that did this hyped them so much that other companies just follow.

” We are proud to announce our latest wax that contains #1 grade Brazillian Carnauba”

Just read that again, #1 grade, Brazillian, Carnauba, what’s a Carnauba??? I don’t know but it has to be good for my car’s paint! And that’s when the consumers go and wipe the shelvess off of Carnauba Waxes. Just theorizing here.

For the detailer, I’m guessing they could charge their customers more when they are using a premium product such as HD Wax and Supernatural.

From the user’s point of view and for my money, I wouldn’t even bother. Of course this is my current opinion based on this test. My opinion may also change if one day, I am using an insanely expensive Swissvax wax and have been proven that it absolutely beats cheaper waxes. I highly doubt so though.

Osren should buy imitation empty Swissvax pots and pour in their Synergized formula and sell them, LOL! No, don’t get any ideas Henry, if you are reading this.

I’ll leave you guys with some photos of waxes and finally a babe, as a reward for getting through this boring post.

 photo 51770L3WaZL.jpg

 photo carnauba_wax.jpg

Look at those two Turtle Wax products. The first is their fast selling hard shell finish. The second, it seems like they made that product just because everyone is asking, “does your wax has Carnauba in it?”

Mother’s have been using Carnauba in many of their products as a marketing tool.

 photo 05500-1.jpg

 photo 51yEJuYtl7L.jpg

 photo mothers-carnauba-carwash.jpeg

I must admit they do look very appealing to buy.

 photo url.jpg

Swissvax Best of Show, GBP 195, close to RM1000! Now I haven’t used it before but apparently it’s raved about all around the world. Is it really good? Or could it be a placebo effect (I’m using an expensive wax, it HAS to be good)? Any users care to shed some light?

Thanks for reading my rambles and feel free to leave a comment or to discuss further about waxes.

I shall leave you with some eye candy.

 photo ThesecuteKoreancarmodelsphotos1.jpg

 photo yook-ji-hye-19.jpg

 photo KoreancarmodelParkSiHyunandcoolChevroletspark8.jpg

 photo Koreasexyautomodel.jpg

 photo Sexy-Korean-model-Lee-Ji-Min-at-KSRC-R4-2012-01.jpg

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19 Comments Post a comment
  1. Apr 6 2013

    More eye candy and less carnauba…. 🙂

    Great review as usual fish.

  2. Apr 6 2013

    Very detailed and interesting write. Thanks for taking the time and trouble to compare and post man. I love this as I am very much a wax guy.

  3. Jules
    Apr 6 2013

    Love the write up especially the eye candy part.

    “Don’t get any ideas Henry”… LOL

  4. Apr 6 2013

    Thanks Jules! Guess I should include more eye candy in future posts 😀

  5. jonlsl
    Apr 7 2013

    Ah yah, should have tried my DIY wax compared to the others. Next time you do another test, let me know and will pass you my final DIY wax.

  6. Apr 7 2013

    Great write up Kenneth! Great to see a valued Malaysian product.

    About the carnauba wax, would just want to share with you about it from a different point of view, Carnauba wax if I’m not mistaken has been used in the woodworking / artisan industries for years as a *ahem* LSP.

    Same as in the case of when I used to hand make tobacco pipes, we would seal the briar wood slightly with thinned shellac and later on polish it up using pure carnauba for the gloss ans sheen. Why don’t we use bee’s wax? because ultimate it its not has hard as carnauba and don’t really polish up as nice. (btw, carnauba polished tobacco pipes don’t really stay shiny / glossy for long either, probably 1 or 2 smokes and its dull… LOL! )

    Cheers once more!

    • Apr 7 2013

      Wow, thanks for that comment. It is really nice to hear about your experience with Carnauba wax, although not in the form of a car wax.

  7. Izso
    Apr 7 2013

    You’re mad. But we already know that. LOL

    Nice dude..very nice. Question : did you apply those waxes by hand or machine?

    • Apr 8 2013

      Thanks unker! Waxes applied by hand, normally paste waxes I apply by hand. Liquid sealants only I will apply with machine.

  8. jackson
    Apr 10 2013

    Next post, higher eye candy content. Carnauba content may ncrease or decrease, it don’t matter.

    I am a Dodo Juice wax hoarder because I am into their smell.

    This kind of person also got..haiya…

  9. jing
    Apr 16 2013

    may i know that on your point of view, how do you rate for Meguiar’s NXT tech wax? Thanks

  10. May 15 2013

    Rewarding visitors of this page with photos of cute sexy girls. Cool.

  11. vr2turbo
    Jul 30 2013

    Good comparison and write up. But more comments on your eye candy…ha! ha!

    Ah! you call Izso, Unker? Then I Grand Unker ah!…

  12. Jan 29 2014

    Hi Ken
    How do you like osren as overall? I noticed you used their compounds, now their wax? Compared to popular brands, how does osren compare?

    • Jan 29 2014

      Hi Irsan,
      I would say almost every detailer has at least one Osren product in their arsenal. The stuff that I frequently use is their shampoo and degreasers because it’s cheaper than Meguiar’s, Sonax, etc. For my compounds and polish, I still prefer premium brands, although I use Osren compounds like P40 and P50 because Meguiar’s does not have anything as aggressive. Overall it’s a brand that is affordable and with products that gets the job done well.

      • May 29 2014

        I recently tried Osren synergized wax, pretty good wax, very easy to buff, shine not bad. Still testing the durability, hopefully it passes 1 month.

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