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April 25, 2013


Headlight Restoration – Honda Civic Type-R

by Kentangcf

Headlight restoration on a Civic Type-R

The owner bought this reconditioned car and the overall condition was actually very good, aside from the headlights.

A pair of genuine Honda lights for the Civic Type-R costs approximately RM 3500. I got it to looking 95% like new at a fraction of the cost.

 photo IMG_3067RS.jpg

 photo IMG_3069RS.jpg

 photo IMG_3070RS.jpg

 photo IMG_3072RS.jpg

 photo IMG_3073RS.jpg

 photo IMG_3076RS.jpg

 photo IMG_3078RS.jpg

 photo IMG_3080RS.jpg

 photo IMG_3083RS.jpg

 photo IMG_3085RS.jpg

 photo IMG_3086RS.jpg

 photo IMG_3087RS.jpg

 photo IMG_3088RS.jpg

 photo IMG_3089RS.jpg

 photo IMG_3090RS.jpg

 photo IMG_3094RS.jpg
Correction: It’s GTechniq C1

 photo IMG_3096RS.jpg

 photo IMG_3098RS.jpg

 photo IMG_3099RS.jpg

 photo IMG_3102RS.jpg

 photo IMG_3100RS.jpg

To recap the headlight restoration process:

– Machine sand with 600 grit
– Machine sand with 1000 grit
– Compound with Osren P50 Foam Disc Compound/Lake Country Wool Pad
– Compound with Meguiar’s #105 Ultra-Cut Compound/Lake Country Wool Pad
– Polished with Meguiar’s #105 Ultra-Cut Compound/Lake Country Orange Light Cutting Foam
– Polished with Meguiar’s #205 Ultra Finishing Polish/Lake Country White Polishing Foam
– Coated with GTechniq C1 Crystal Lacquer
– Waxed with Osren Synergized for slickness

Time taken: 3 hours
Price: RM450

The rest of the car is then washed, clayed and polished with M205. No after pics unfortunately.
Josh came over to kacau(disturb in Malay), so he helped me polish the exhaust.

 photo IMG_3103.jpg

That’s a Lake Country Polishing Ball/Meguiar’s NXT All Metal Polysh/Bosch Cordless Driver.

Thanks for looking as always! 🙂

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  1. redknappj
    Apr 25 2013

    nice job!

  2. Jules
    Apr 25 2013

    Looks brand new to the naked eyes, awesome restoration.

    How long do you reckon the C1 will last before it requires another fresh coat?

    • Apr 25 2013

      Thanks Jules. For the C1, ideally apply once a year.

  3. Jules
    Apr 25 2013

    Btw, I was wondering what would happen if you went overboard and crack the
    headlight. Did you indemnify yourself? Or do you have to pay for a brand new set?

    • Apr 25 2013

      I’ve never thought of that, and no I didn’t indemnify myself. I would probably try to obtain for a second hand set for the customer if *touch wood*, it does crack. So far there have been no problems.

  4. Apr 25 2013

    Great Job as always Kennith

  5. Ibraheem
    Apr 25 2013

    good job 🙂

  6. Elzac Chong
    May 13 2013

    Thanks a lot! Date: Thu, 25 Apr 2013 07:10:25 +0000 To:

  7. Muhammad James
    Aug 20 2013

    Really good job. I have just bought a recon 2008 Toyota Alphard and the headlamp need restoration. How much do you charge for a pair of headlamp restoration?



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