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December 28, 2013


New Car Coating: Mazda 6 – GTechniq EXO

by Kentangcf

A brand new Mazda 6 in for a complete exterior protection using GTechniq EXO. (89 Photos)

Car upon arrival, didn’t look too bad, it is new after all.
 photo 01.jpg photo 02.jpg

General dirt and grime on the car.

 photo 03.jpg

 photo 04.jpg

 photo 05.jpg

 photo 06.jpg

 photo 07.jpg

 photo 08.jpg

I started by cleaning the driver’s side coil mat as this takes time to dry.

 photo 08a.jpg

Rims, tires and wheel wells cleaned with Osren Degreaser FX.

 photo 09.jpg

 photo 10.jpg

 photo 11.jpg

 photo 12.jpg

 photo 13.jpg

 photo 14.jpg

Clayed with Perma Glass clay and diluted Autoglym Bodywork Shampoo & Conditioner for lube.

 photo 15.jpg

 photo 16.jpg

 photo 17.jpg

There were lots of adhesive residue on the roof, this were removed with Osren Tar Remover.
 photo 18.jpg

 photo 19.jpg

 photo 19a.jpg

 photo 20.jpg

 photo 21.jpg

 photo 22.jpg

Paint transfer removed with Osren P50 Compound, Meguiar’s #105 and finally Scholl Concept’s S17+

 photo 23.jpg

 photo 24.jpg

 photo 25.jpg

Unfortunately some parts of the paint have been scraped off. Thankfully the surface underneath is light coloured and not obvious from afar.

 photo 26.jpg

 photo 27.jpg

The paint was totally swirl free. Does this mean it is ready to coat?

 photo 28.jpg

No, swirls and scratches are not the only defects that a detailer has to look out for. A single stage polish with Scholl Concepts S17+ was given to deep clean the paint while the light abrasives helped to refine the gloss on the new paint.

 photo 29.jpg

Look at the amount of dirt from just 3 panels! Other intricate areas were hand polished.

 photo 30.jpg

 photo 31.jpg

 photo 32.jpg

 photo 33.jpg

Polishing dust is then brushed off with a soft Meguiar’s slide lock brush.

 photo 34.jpg

 photo 35.jpg

The paint looked great before coating. It is given a wipedown with Isopropyl Alcohol (diluted 1:1) to prepare the surface for GTechniq EXO.

 photo 36.jpg

The coating is spread with a suede microfiber cloth and buffed off with another short pile microfiber cloth.

 photo 37.jpg

GTechniq EXO is then sprayed directly on the wheels and lightly buffed off. I left the first coat to slightly cure and work on the interior.

 photo 38.jpg

Glass was dirty due to the degassing of new interior plastics. All interior glasswork cleaned with Meguiar’s Detailer Line Glass Cleaner. Exterior glasswork hand polished with Autoglym Glass Polish.

 photo 39.jpg

 photo 40.jpg

 photo 41.jpg

 photo 42.jpg

 photo 43.jpg

 photo 44.jpg

 photo 45.jpg

 photo 46.jpg
Clean glass, glossy paint, #detailersjoy

Exhaust tips lightly polished with Meguiar’s NXT All Metal Polysh.

 photo 47.jpg

 photo 48.jpg

Interior surfaces wiped down with Sonax Interior Cleaner which has an anti-static effect.

 photo 49.jpg

 photo 50.jpg

 photo 51.jpg

 photo 52.jpg

 photo 53.jpg

 photo 54.jpg

 photo 55.jpg

 photo 56.jpg

 photo 57.jpg

 photo 58.jpg

Sensitive glossy plastic dusted down with a brush.
 photo 59.jpg

 photo 60.jpg

 photo 61.jpg

 photo 62.jpg

 photo 63.jpg

 photo 64.jpg

 photo 65.jpg

 photo 66.jpg
Trim deep cleaned with Meguiar’s All Purpose Cleaner.

 photo 67.jpg

Chrome trim had some water stains, these were removed with Meguair’s NXT All Metal Polysh.
 photo 68.jpg

 photo 69.jpg

 photo 70.jpg

All exterior surface is then given a second coat of GTechniq EXO for even coverage. Beading on trim was quite poor as EXO adheres best on paint and glass.

 photo 71.jpg

 photo 72.jpg

 photo 73.jpg

 photo 74.jpg

 photo 75.jpg

 photo 76.jpg

 photo 77.jpg

 photo 78.jpg

Wheel arch dressed with Meguiar’s Hyperdressing

 photo 79.jpg

 photo 80.jpg

 photo 81.jpg

 photo 82.jpg

 photo 83.jpg

Smooth, glossy and protected!

 photo 84.jpg

 photo 85.jpg

 photo 86.jpg

 photo 87.jpg

A short clip on the final results.

Thanks for reading, all comments are welcomed.

P.S. After a long hiatus, I am now back for good. Expect more write-ups and follow me on Facebook for more regular updates!

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  1. Kai
    Dec 28 2013

    Helluva job bro and its an honor to know you!

    I’d always respect a job done by someone who’s honest, friendly, works with lotsa passion and soul. And most importantly, a humble yet a true PRO in the industry! Cherishing a two end interaction, i feel as though i’m slowly being converted into another you thru lotsa Q&A on this subject !

    Two Thumbs up !

    And definitely rapport +1 !

    • Dec 28 2013

      It was a pleasure to detail your car bro. Thanks very much for your kind words. Enjoy your new ride!

  2. Arthur Too
    Dec 28 2013

    Damn Sonax still doesn’t have stock for the Xtreme cockpit cleaner 😦

  3. vr2turbo
    Dec 28 2013

    Bro. Fish,
    As usual, awesome job….

    • Dec 29 2013

      Hi unker! It’s been awhile, thanks for dropping by.

      • vr2turbo
        Dec 30 2013

        Yah! been a while. I think we last met up at Center Point, right?
        From the start picture, hope owner will maintain better after your awesome job…..

  4. Dec 30 2013

    I am glad you are back, keep it coming!

  5. Ibraheem
    Jan 1 2014

    Great writeup as allways

  6. dominic
    Feb 27 2014

    Another job well done. Always impressed with what you can do. Keep up the good work and keep posting!

  7. Ian Morrow
    Apr 26 2014

    I’m from the USA, and I have never seen floor mats like the those in this car. What kind of floor mats are they? Are they better than factory carpet mats?



    • Apr 28 2014

      Hi Ian, the floor mats are coil mats. They trap dirt much better but does no feel as comfortable or luxurious compared to carpets.

  8. Aug 27 2015

    Absolutely brilliant. Now I can make my car look more brand new than ever.


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