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January 17, 2014


Full Detail: Porsche Carrera 4S

by Kenneth Tang

This black beauty looked glossy from a far but had swirl marks all over. Restoring black to its former glory is always satisfying to do.

The car was pretty clean to start with. Upon closer inspection, we could see many polish residues. According to the owner, the paint gets treated twice a year, but the swirl marks were pretty terrible.

 photo 01RS.jpg

 photo 02RS.jpg

 photo 03RS.jpg

 photo 04RS.jpg

 photo 05RS.jpg

 photo 06RS.jpg

 photo 07RS.jpg

We started by giving it a detailed wash.
Pressure rinsed, shampooed with Osren Car Auto Shampoo, clayed with Permaglass No.2 Clay and Optimum No Rinse for lube. Door jambs and plastic trim pieces brushed with Meguiar’s All Purpose Cleaner.
For the wheels, a combination of Osren Degreaser FX, Osren StainX and Sonax Wheel Cleaner (Acid-Frei).
However, I couldn’t get the wheel barrel as clean as I wanted. Years of neglect in that area had caused the brake dust to be too stubborn to remove.

 photo 08RS.jpg

 photo 09RS.jpg

 photo 11RS.jpg

 photo 12aRS.jpg

 photo 12RS.jpg

 photo 13RS.jpg

 photo 14RS.jpg

 photo 15RS2.jpg

 photo 16RS.jpg

 photo 17RS.jpg

After masking up the car, we proceeded to doing a test spot on the bonnet. Surprisingly, for a repainted car, the paint was of medium hardness only. First attempt was with Lake Country Polishing Pad and Scholl Concept’s S3 Gold. This was a little too gentle and did not remove all the swirls. We stepped up to a Lake Country Orange Pad and this did the trick.

 photo 18RS.jpg

 photo 19RS.jpg

 photo 20RS.jpg

 photo 21RS.jpg

Smaller areas were done with small pads.

 photo 22RS.jpg

 photo 23RS.jpg

 photo 24RS.jpg

 photo 25RS.jpg

 photo 26RS.jpg

 photo 27RS.jpg

 photo 28RS.jpg

 photo 29RS.jpg

 photo 30RS.jpg

 photo 31RS.jpg

 photo 32RS.jpg

 photo 33RS.jpg

 photo 34RS.jpg

The paint is finished down with Scholl Concepts S17, Lake Country White Polishing Pad and FLEX DA. Which left a beautiful hologram free shine.

 photo 34aRS.jpg

Plastics were lightly polished with the same combination.

 photo 35RS.jpg

After about 12 man hours of compounding and polishing, we rinsed the car off to remove polishing dusts and residue. Washed with Osren Car Auto Shampoo to remove polishing oils in order to prepare the paint for GTechniq EXO coating.

 photo 36RS.jpg

 photo 37RS.jpg

 photo 38RS.jpg

 photo 39RS.jpg

 photo 40aRS.jpg

 photo 40bRS.jpg

 photo 40RS.jpg

Exhaust tips were hand polished with Autosol and Meguiar’s NXT All Metal Polysh. Finally protected with Willson Polymer Gloss Up.

 photo 41RS.jpg

 photo 42RS.jpg

 photo 42aRS.jpg

 photo 43RS.jpg

We then proceeded to remove any remaining polish residues.

 photo 44RS.jpg

 photo 45RS.jpg

 photo 46RS.jpg

 photo 47RS.jpg

 photo 48RS.jpg

Rims protected with Willson Polymer Gloss Up.

 photo 49RS.jpg

Paintwork protected with GTechniq EXO – Ultra Durable Hybrid Glass Coating

 photo 49RSa.jpg

 photo 49RSb.jpg

With the exterior done, we moved to the interior. Being all black, it can look deceivingly clean.
It’s far from clean, the old UV dressings made all the surfaces oily to touch and just plain gross.

All leather, plastic and vinyl surfaces cleaned with Meguiar’s All Purpose Cleaner.

 photo 50RS.jpg

 photo 51RS.jpg

 photo 52RS.jpg

 photo 53RS.jpg

 photo 54RS.jpg

 photo 55RS.jpg

 photo 56RS.jpg

Look at the dirty brown stuff being scrubbed off the leather!

 photo 57RS.jpg

Our dirty rinse bucket after cleaning the interior.

 photo 58RS.jpg

After cleaning, interior surfaces is then steamed to rinse off any residual cleaners. The heat also helps to sanitize the surfaces. Leather surfaces conditioned with Mother’s Leather Conditioner.

 photo 59RS.jpg

 photo 60RS.jpg

 photo 61RS.jpg

 photo 62RS.jpg

 photo 63RS.jpg

 photo 64RS.jpg

 photo 65RS.jpg

Here are some flash shots to show the swirl free paintwork wearing GTechniq EXO.

 photo 66RS.jpg

 photo 67RS.jpg

 photo 68RS.jpg

 photo 69RS.jpg

 photo 70RS.jpg

 photo 71RS.jpg

 photo 73RS.jpg

 photo 74RS.jpg

 photo 75RS.jpg

Finally, the outdoor shots. Too bad the sun didn’t come out to play.

 photo 76RS.jpg

 photo 77RS.jpg

 photo 78RS.jpg

 photo 79RS.jpg

 photo 80RS.jpg

 photo 81RS.jpg

 photo 82RS.jpg

 photo 83RS.jpg

 photo 84RS.jpg

 photo 85RS.jpg

 photo 86RS.jpg

 photo 87RS.jpg

A short video to end this satisfying detail. Shouout to Muyo from HyperGloss Detailing for the help. Feel free to leave any comments. Happy detailing all!

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6 Comments Post a comment
  1. Jan 17 2014

    What excellent results. Great job guys.

  2. Jan 18 2014

    Nicely done Ken!
    How do you like EXO? Why don’t you lay C1 before EXO? Is it customer’s want?

    • Jan 18 2014

      Hi! I like EXO for its ease of use. Laying C1 before EXO will make it very expensive for the customer. Although it will be more durable, water scales would collect and ruin the finish long before the coating dies. So we would have to remove the water scales by polishing, which would remove the coating as well.

      EXO’s durabiity is about 6 months to 1 year in our weather here, I think that is a good timeframe to do a followup detail. Rather than apply something that last two years or more but the paint will have water scales all over.

      Do you have this problem in Indonesia? Since our countries’ climate is quite similiar.

  3. Benedict C
    Jan 19 2014

    Nicely done!


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