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January 29, 2014


Full Detail: Alfa Romeo 147

by Kentangcf

The full monty was given to this car. Minor orange peel reduction and coating, headlight restoration, interior detailing, windscreen polishing and coating, engine bay detailing, rim polishing and coating.

The car was pretty dirty upon arrival
 photo 01.jpg

 photo 02.jpg

 photo 03.jpg

 photo 04.jpg

 photo 05.jpg

 photo 06.jpg

 photo 08.jpg

 photo 09.jpg

First job at hand is restoring the headlights.

Machine sand with 400 grit, 600 grit, 800 grit and 1000 grit.
Machine polish with;
Osren P50/Lake Country White Wool
Meguiar’s #105/Lake Country White Wool
Meguiar’s #105/Lake Country Orange Cutting Foam
Meguiar’s #205/Lake Country White Polishing Foam
Meguiar’s PlastX/Meguiar’s Black Finish Foam
GTechniq EXO

 photo 10.jpg

 photo 11.jpg

 photo 12.jpg

 photo 13.jpg

 photo 14.jpg

 photo 15.jpg

 photo 16.jpg

 photo 17.jpg

 photo 18.jpg

 photo 19.jpg

 photo 20.jpg

 photo 21.jpg

 photo 22.jpg

 photo 23.jpg

 photo 24.jpg

 photo 25.jpg

 photo 26.jpg

 photo 27.jpg

 photo 28.jpg

 photo 29.jpg

 photo 30.jpg

 photo 31.jpg

 photo 32.jpg

 photo 33.jpg

Glasswork polished with Meguiar’s #105 Ultra-Cut Compound/Lake Country Orange Cutting Foam/FLEX 3401 DA.
Corners hand polished with the same combo.

 photo 34.jpg

 photo 35.jpg

Before polishing, water is still being repelled by leftover coating and oils.
 photo 36.jpg

After polishing, water sticks to the glass, indicating a clean surface.
 photo 37.jpg

 photo 39.jpg

 photo 40.jpg

 photo 41.jpg

Next was the engine bay. Scrubbed a small area at a time with Osren Degreaser FX. Blow dried and dressed with Meguiar’s Hyperdressing.

 photo 42.jpg

 photo 43.jpg

 photo 44.jpg

 photo 45.jpg

 photo 46.jpg

 photo 47.jpg

 photo 48.jpg

 photo 49.jpg

 photo 50.jpg

 photo 51.jpg

 photo 52.jpg

 photo 53.jpg

 photo 54.jpg

 photo 55.jpg

 photo 56.jpg

 photo 57.jpg

 photo 58.jpg

 photo 59.jpg

 photo 60.jpg

 photo 62.jpg

 photo 63.jpg

Process for the interior:
Leather cleaned with Meguiar’s All Purpose Cleaner (diluted 10:1). Conditioned with Mother’s Leather Conditioner.
Coil mats scrubbed and pressure rinsed.
Carpets steam cleaned.
Pedals scrubbed and steamed.
Glass cleaned with Meguiar’s Detailer Line Glass Cleaner Concentrate.

 photo 64.jpg

 photo 65.jpg

 photo 66.jpg

 photo 67.jpg

 photo 68.jpg

 photo 69.jpg

 photo 69a.jpg

 photo 70.jpg

 photo 71.jpg

 photo 71a.jpg

 photo 72.jpg

 photo 72a.jpg

 photo 73.jpg

 photo 74.jpg

 photo 77.jpg

 photo 78.jpg

 photo 79.jpg

 photo 82.jpg

 photo 82a.jpg

 photo 83.jpg

 photo 84.jpg

 photo 85.jpg

 photo 86.jpg

 photo 88.jpg

 photo 89.jpg

Dirty rinse bucket!
 photo 90.jpg

 photo 91.jpg

 photo 92.jpg

 photo 93.jpg

 photo 94.jpg

 photo 95.jpg

 photo 96.jpg

 photo 97.jpg

 photo 98.jpg

 photo 99.jpg

 photo 100.jpg

 photo 101.jpg

 photo 102.jpg

 photo 103.jpg

 photo 104.jpg

 photo 105.jpg

With the headlights, engine, glasswork and interior out of the way, let’s get on to the main event.

Wheel’s cleaned with Osren Degreaser FX, followed by Dodo Juice Ferrous Dueller. The 4 wheels took me about 2 hours to clean. Still couldn’t get all the stains out, especially the wheel barrel.

 photo 106.jpg

 photo 107.jpg

 photo 108.jpg

 photo 109.jpg

 photo 110.jpg

 photo 111.jpg

 photo 112.jpg

 photo 113.jpg

 photo 114.jpg

 photo 115.jpg

 photo 116.jpg

 photo 117.jpg

 photo 118.jpg

 photo 119.jpg

 photo 120.jpg

 photo 121.jpg

 photo 122.jpg

 photo 123.jpg

 photo 125.jpg

 photo 126.jpg

 photo 127.jpg

Body is washed with Osren Car Auto Shampoo, clayed with Perma Glass No.2 Clay. Residual tar removed with Osren Tar Spots Remover.

 photo 128.jpg

 photo 129.jpg

 photo 130.jpg

 photo 131.jpg

 photo 132.jpg

 photo 133.jpg

 photo 133a.jpg

 photo 133b.jpg

 photo 134.jpg

Upon inspection, there were areas that had irreparable damage.

 photo 135.jpg

 photo 136.jpg

 photo 140.jpg

 photo 141.jpg

 photo 142.jpg

 photo 143.jpg

A few panels had been resprayed and suffered from severe orange peel, which robbed it of its gloss and reflection. Some minor orange peel reduction were done with Scholl Concepts S3 Gold and Osren Velvet pad.

 photo 139.jpg

 photo 144.jpg

 photo 145.jpg

 photo 146.jpg

 photo 149.jpg

 photo 150.jpg

 photo 150a.jpg

No wax or coating in the world can do this, only leveling can.

 photo 151.jpg

Certain deep scratches could still be removed.
 photo 152.jpg

 photo 153.jpg

 photo 155.jpg

 photo 156.jpg

After compounding and polishing, the paint is finished down with Scholl Concepts S17+/Lake Country White Polishing Foam and FLEX 3401 DA.
 photo 154.jpg

I then remove the masking and gave the car a wash with shampoo to remove any polishing oils. This will ensure that GTechniq EXO coating will bond properly to the paint.

 photo 157a.jpg

 photo 157b.jpg

 photo 157c.jpg

 photo 157d.jpg

 photo 157e.jpg

Although the rims were much cleaner, the surface still looked a little hazy. This could be due to my strong chemical washing. So I glossed them back up with Scholl Concepts S17+/Mother’s Powercone/Bosch Cordless Drill. Finally coated with GTechniq EXO.

 photo 158.jpg

 photo 160.jpg

 photo 161.jpg

 photo 162.jpg

 photo 163.jpg

 photo 163a.jpg

 photo 164.jpg

 photo 166.jpg

Two coats of GTechniq EXO is applied for better durability.
 photo 168.jpg

 photo 169.jpg

 photo 176.jpg

 photo 178.jpg

 photo 179.jpg

 photo 180.jpg

 photo 182.jpg

 photo 184.jpg

 photo 185.jpg

…and done! Older cars are definitely more fun to work with, the turnaround that is achieved is what makes a detailer addicted to detailing. The next write-up will be on a dark blue Porsche 996 Carrera as seen in the background below.

As always, all comments are most welcomed. Happy Lunar New Year and ‘Kung Hei Fatt Choy’!

 photo 187.jpg

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  1. Dimsho
    Jan 30 2014

    A wonderful job!
    Thanks for sharing .. I enjoyed very much.

  2. Annonymous
    Jan 30 2014

    epic detailing is epic

  3. dominic
    Jan 30 2014

    wow, i am continually impressed by the work you do. i have been following your projects for some time and get so much enjoyment out of seeing the detail put into the vehichles. very good work!

  4. casey
    Jan 30 2014

    absolutely brilliant

  5. Jan 30 2014

    Great work Kennith,

    Hamza @

  6. Jonlsl
    Jan 31 2014

    Nice work lah bro, especially on the leveling,corrections and the interior. The customer must be like……Fuyoh, nice man my car now.

  7. Feb 2 2014

    Paint looks nice and flat. It gave better reflection.
    Also how safe is magic sponge on interior? You seems to use it often on the last few posts.

    • Feb 3 2014

      Thanks Irsad, as for the magic sponge, you have to use it with caution. It is abrasive and can go through the leather’s colour coat if not careful. For textured, unpainted/matte plastics, it works well and fast.

  8. vr2turbo
    Feb 3 2014

    Bro. Fish, As usually awesome job….

  9. Feb 4 2014

    Awesome detailing bro~ Been following your updates from time to time. Really impressed with your job. Mine still rookie compared to yours. I am really impressed with the pictures you take. Mind to share with me what lens you used? Thanks.

  10. Feb 19 2014

    Hi~ I`m korea Detalier
    Your Job is great šŸ™‚

    I want to see directly.
    Posting are always looking good.

  11. Feb 22 2014

    Good skills


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