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Love the satisfaction of shining cars. Business undergraduate majoring in Economics and Finance. Loves Japanese products. Worked in a company that specializes in Japanese auto-coatings. Detail, test and reviews on weekends. Tea over Coffee. Proton over Perodua. Honda over Toyota. Wants to own a Proton Satria Neo R3. Will expand detailing skill (sanding, painting, paint protection films). Plan to open a small scale online detailing shop. Getting into photography. Casual Starcraft 2 player. Likes slow movies. Admires Polished Bliss and Autodetailer. Have yet to detail a Porsche or a Ferrari.

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  1. Jun 1 2011

    Hi Kenneth,

    My name is Martin and I’m the Business Development Manager of a Singaporean company that is involved in car detailing and surface protect/sealant products.

    I was referred to your blog by car enthusiasts in Malaysia who have purchased our surface sealant product, Permanon Car Supershine which originates from Germany (www.permanon.cocm). I am their distributor in Singapore.

    Seeing that you’re a very big car detailing enthusiast and are in the midst of performing comparisons of various nano based sealant products, I was wondering if you’re keen to add Permanon Car Supershine to the pile. Permanon, has been involved in surface protection research since 1997 and Car Supershine is particularly strong in their Europe base, America and Australia. We are in the midst of promoting the product in Singapore and Asia at large with quite a few enquiries already originating from Malaysia.

    As a surface sealant, it works on car surfaces naturally but is also particularly strong as a water repellant on windows with good beading AND sheeting capabilities.

    If this product piques your interest, we’ll be more than happy to ship a sample to you along with the necessary information.

    Hoping to hear from you.

    Yours sincerely,
    Martin Chen
    Business Development Manager
    Beacon Enterprise
    +65 96670623

  2. Aug 8 2011

    Hi Kenneth,

    My name is Alfred and the director of Artdeshine in Singapore. I would like to have a sponsor link at this net. Pls advise me or email me.

    If you keen to have my products for you play with and RND can be done free.


    H/phone: +65 8333 8199

    • Aug 9 2011

      Hi Alfred,

      Thanks for dropping by. Will send you an email.

  3. Aug 16 2011

    Kenneth is ok for me to link your net on to my website.

    • Aug 18 2011

      Hi Alfred, defintely! That would be much appreciated.

  4. Nov 12 2012

    Hello Kenneth,

    My name is Amin, Marketing Executive for Sonax Malaysia.

    First of all let me compliment you on a wonderful job on your blog/site. Really informative and always a fun read. Keep it up.

    I was just browsing through car detailing websites available in Malaysia, when I happen to stumble upon your blog. In one of the pictures posted in your blog, I noticed the use of Sonax Wheel Cleaner, but couldn’t find a write up or a review or even a mention of anything to do with the Sonax Wheel Cleaner within your site. Why is that?

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to be offensive or anything. Was just wondering why the number one leading brand for car care in Europe (SONAX) was not mentioned in your blog/site when the use of one of its major product was clearly visible ( to those who use Sonax ). If its a copyright issue or anything in the sort, please feel free to contact me anytime via phone or e-mail. On the other hand if Sonax is a bit ‘foreign’ to your good self, then feel free to contact me either way.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    P/S: would absolutely love to work with you regarding anything to do with car detailing.

    Warmest Regard,

    Amin Abdullah.
    Marketing Executive.
    tel: 03-56339992
    hp: +6012-5273149

  5. Alvin
    Feb 16 2013

    Hey Ken, you’re starting to become like Larry Kosillas from AMMONYC in USA. Larry, who like you, graduated with a major in economics and quit his job at Wall Street to become a professional detailer. Now he and his team have made themselves some cool products for their own and clients’ cars. No doubt, you’ll start making your own products too! 🙂

    Anyway, in recent months I have begin to take my car wash seriously. There are still bits and pieces I’m unsure of, e.g. what product is good and what I should stay away. If you don’t mind me bombarding you with questions, I like you to help me answer some of my concerns about some products I have been eager to buy, and perhaps you can advise some products that I have not come across on the shelves. Cheers!

  6. Feb 1 2014

    Hello dari Turki Tariq Kenneth saya menonton video dari YouTube anda saya berurusan dengan alat pembersihan berus pembersih kerusi elektrik perlu saya akan gembira jika anda boleh membantu saya dalam hal ini terima kasih

  7. Feb 1 2014

    Hello from Turkey Tariq Kenneth I watched the videos from your YouTube I’m dealing with cleaning tools cleaning brush electric seats need I would be glad if you could help me in this regard thanks

  8. Jul 4 2014

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  9. Tee
    Oct 26 2016

    Hello Sir, nice to meet you. My name is Mr Tee, I am a technical executive in a public listed solvent supplier in Malaysia. Would like to ask if I have the honor to introduce you regarding our dearomatized solvent for automobile parts cleaning(Removal of aromatic ring that believe to be carcinogenic). The promising solvent holds outstanding potentials with minimal hazardous impacts to the cleaning officers and the environment.

    P/S Would be my great pleasure if I could have the opportunity to meet you in person because I think your write out for this website is absolutely amazing and informative. Please do not hesitate do contact me if you interested to know more. Else, have a wonderful day ahead Sir.

    Best Wishes,
    Technical and Market development executive
    SAMCHEM Sdn Bhd
    tel: +603-57402072
    hp: 6016-9482540


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