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I can be contacted via email:

*replace -at- with @, don’t want this new email to get spammed with emails from someone in Zimbabwe asking my help to receive their funds*


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  1. Jun 16 2011


    Thank you for the reviews you have done on the ValetPRO products.

    I would like to send you some more of our products. particauly interested in sending you.

    Glass cleaner
    Talos Protectant
    Artemis Protective aura not currently released artemis wax seal has now been discontinued
    Snow Foam Touchless not currently released
    Interior cleaner
    Heavy duty carpet cleaner
    Enzyme odour eater
    Wax applicator
    Polish Applicator

    If your interested in doing reviews on these products please let me know.

    all the best

    greg spink

  2. David
    Jul 8 2011

    hi kenneth, photos of the black cars being rid of the swirls and watermarks are impressive.
    i own a black mitsubishi grandis 1 yr – annoyed with swirls and watermarks, could u give me an estimate for budgetary purpose? thanks

    • Aug 3 2011

      Hi David, could you kindly send me an email as I try not to quote prices in the comments section. Thanks

  3. Khai
    Aug 19 2011

    Hi Kenneth. I’ve been following yr blog with much interest. Getting a proper car detailer seems to be quite a quest for me. Keeping a white colored car clean seemed to be quite a task. Are there any quick fix, or product that can make my life easier? Thanks for you for your reviews as well. Cheers…

    • Sep 8 2011

      Hi Khai,
      A quick fix definitely does not exist. You need a specific product for your specific needs. Quick fixes such as wash and wax shampoos and quick detailers will not give you the full result, one way to easier car care is frequent car care. The more often you wash/polish/wax, the easier it is to maintain as you do not have to perform a major detail every now and then, just a quick spruce up. So I would say a wipedown with a quick detailer after every wash is better than just a wash.

  4. Ken
    Oct 6 2011

    Hi..I’m currently sourcing for glass polishing solution to remove those irritating wiper marks…Most of them recommend cerium oxide but i cant seem to source it locally…

    • Oct 18 2011

      Hi Ken…I have no source and also no knowledge on how to remove he scratches. Overseas forummers did have success with Lake Country’s glass polishing kit. His name is Todd Helme…forum nickname is TH0001 or sth like tht. Trying googling it. All the best.

      • Ken
        Oct 29 2011

        DO you know how i can get my hands on that kit?

      • Dec 6 2011

        Hi Ken,
        try searching it on, or else, you have to contact Lake Country directly.

    • Nick
      Jan 31 2012

      You can order cerium oxide pretty cheap from ebay. There are a couple of UK based sellers with reasonable prices.

  5. Martin
    Nov 19 2011

    Need advise on interior detailing/steam cleaning for an Estima.
    Please give me a shout at 012-378 5848/Martin. Tnks

  6. kenny ho
    Dec 15 2011

    hi , kenneth . are u doing car detailing ? can i know where about ?

    • Dec 28 2011

      Hi Kenny, at the moment I am not doing commercially yet. Just the cars of friends’, relatives’ and referrals.

  7. FRED
    Feb 2 2012


    your work is just fantastic and also so exotic when readed from Europe. I mean you are working on cars we do not not see on our streets and with products we can’t buy in Europe.

    The Osren Magic Clay cloth seems to be very interesting products.

    I’ll be honored if someone could send me a sample by the way.

    • Feb 2 2012

      Thank you Fred, you can try to send Osren an email regarding the Osren Magic Clay cloth.

  8. Feb 3 2012

    ada buat klinik polish???? kalau ada i nak join 🙂

  9. Mar 27 2012

    Dear Kenneth,

    thank You for Yr reply. We are looking also for Yr country to found one good importer for sell our top quality polishes.

    If You could be interested in it, don’t estate to contact us.

    We are supplying the most expensive and better detailer around the world.

  10. Ananth
    Sep 18 2012

    Good Day Kenneth,

    I’m interested with your job/product. Would appreciate if you provide me more details on the pricing and your location.

    Thanking in advance,


  11. Sep 18 2012

    We are supplying magic clay cloth, magic clay sponge and magic clay disc.

    Looking for new distributors around the world.

  12. rahmat
    Mar 15 2013

    hi kenneth…i want to ask u ..where can i get the Gtehcniq products in K.L? and how much is the price?

  13. Gib
    May 8 2013

    Hi Kenneth
    I’m motorcycle detailer

  14. Eric
    Aug 13 2014

    Do your company do paint protection film?

  15. Keong6668
    Feb 4 2016

    Hi Kenneth
    Got sell collinite wax?

    May 9 2016

    i am open car wash looking for pro on wet coating do you have the product
    i can be contacted or 0123736923

  17. Shelsie Jeudy
    Aug 31 2017

    Hey Kenneth. I was wondering where are you guys located, and if located in the state of Georgia may I get the address?

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