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A detailer’s natural journey will somehow end him or her into photography. Why?

Your work will just look so much better with it. If you spent 30+ hours correcting the paint of a vehicle but the results aren’t captured well enough, it doesn’t justify your work does it?

Of course the owner of the vehicle is the high judge when it comes to evaluating your work, but I’m sure they’ll appreciate the well-documented and photographed work too. So that is my reason for venturing into photography!

Why else? I certainly am not doing it because Darren Chang @ can capture such awe-inspiring, jaw-dropping, mind-boggling, body-stunning automotive photos. And I certainly am not doing it because Polished Bliss has such a polished website with such polished photos showing beautifully polished cars! Okay you caught me. They have websites and photos I drool at and dream about, I hope to accomplish it for my own site as well.

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  1. jackson
    Mar 28 2011

    dude, am more interested in finding out more about the models

  2. Apr 6 2011

    Nice new look Kenneth! And welcome to the world of photography… Since when did you start detailing models too? 😉

    • Apr 6 2011

      Wow…… thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment!!!
      I’m working very near Jaya One now, I went there for lunch once at Kisaten and saw a chinese dude eating wearing your uniform.

      Peeked a little at his name, I think it was either Joseph or Jason…not too sure.

      Will have to drop by your place, I haven’t been there since you opened! * didn’t have the chance due to my previous employment, I’m sure you know 🙂 *

      • Apr 6 2011

        Do come on over 😉

  3. Dec 28 2020

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