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New Car Prep: Honda City (Sparkling Brown Metallic)

A new Honda City that has holograms all over is in for a quick restoration.

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Honda (swirl)City in Nighthawk black

A full exterior paint correction detail on an ’06 Honda City in nighthawk black. The buffer marks from the body shop were horrendous and the paint hardness wasn’t making it easy to correct either.

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Honda City Metallic Black

The owner of this car and I are members of a same forum, so he got to know me through there, and as you would expect from a car lover, he takes great care of his care by washing it and waxes it himself using Meguiar’s #21 Synthetic Sealant.

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Honda City Metallic Blue

When the car came in, the owner pointed the main problem that needed to be resolved, tar. The newly tarred road splashed lots of tar, hitting mainly the front bumper and the whole of the driver’s side area, from front door to rear quarter.

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