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Water Beading – What’s the big deal???

So we all know that a waxed surface beads water. If water just lays flat on your paintwork, then it’s time to wax the surface.

But why will a waxed surface bead water in the first place?

Is it naturally occurring because ingredients in the waxes alter the surface energy(low-energy=hydrophobic) and turns it from being hydrophilic to hydrophobic?

Are the ingredients protecting the paintwork(silicones,carnauba, etc.) causing the beading?

Or there are ingredients in the wax dedicated to causing the water to bead?

I try to answer these questions from the perspective of a layman hobbyist detailer. I was curious and searched my university’s journal database on readings about contact angles, wettability, surface protection, etc.

Read on as I try to unravel a detailer’s fascination with water beading!

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